Membership Frequently Asked Question

[Q] How do i obtain a membership card?
[A] You can either buy it from a individual on the secondary market You will get this card if you adopted a Jesterpop First hand from us.

[Q] How long will i be benefited from these privileges?
[A] You will only get the benefits as long as you HOLD your membership card.

[Q] How does the value remain profitable if there are going to be more holders eventually?
[A] Jesterpops will inflate more in value, Example; If Jesterpops are 200$ & There are 25 Holders we will increase adopting price to 400$ when we reach 50 Holders. We will only multiply on x2 Ratios.

[Q] When do we get paid out?
[A] Once a sale is made & we receive the amount the profit will be send out through the Polygon Network to all holders this can take up to 1/2 Businessdays.

[Q] What happends if i buy a Jesterpop from secondhand?
[A] If you buy a Jesterpop Second hand and not from us, You will have to make a Ticket on Discord & contact us. We will provide a card to you for $75 as a service fee.

[Q] How & When do we get the $1.000 giveaway?
[A] You will be raffled through a bot for the giveaway as long as you hold the card, The $1.000 dollars will be divided by 4 other winners. This raffle will only happen if we sell-out our entire stock of a certain Jesterpop! Take for instance. Jesterpop #3 is sold out 100% & there is no more stock from us for Jesterpop #3 , only then will the raffle happen!